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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Summer Fashion Style - 2012

So finally the summers are here and so is the scorching sun, heat and pollution. And the worst thing comes out when we have to step out in sun, ewwwww. I hate it so much. But for me I am always in style no matter what. So for all of you who are thinking hard that how to stay stylish and cool in this hot weather here are some really good fashion trends that you can opt for. So gals stay stylish with Fashion and Me.

Colorful bags to add glamour for a perfect night out.

 This stylish bag is perfect for a day meeting or lunch.

These Gladiator Sandals are perfect for office in this summer.

Get a chic look with these strapy sandals.

Add some more style to your outfit with these fab scarves.

Uber cool dresses giving a sexy look to you. These are the look for your office meeting or a Saturday lunch meeting.

Enhance your looks with these sexy dress, perfect for a summer date.

Make your way out and add more glamour with these accessories. Complete your look with them.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Summer Fashion Trends - 2012

Finally after a chilling and long spell of winter season, the summers are just round the corner and with the season, the summer fashion trends are also a great worry for the girls. Specially when it comes to looking fab while facing the scorching sun. Oh gosh its a really big question for all of us. But hi you girls do not worry when fashion and me is here to solve all your fashion related problems. I will keep you updated on this subject. But today just for the beginning we will discuss the colors that will rule this summer season.

So all of you girls start collecting lots of red, yellow, palette, wine, blue and all time favorite white color in your wardrobe. As these are the colors that will spread their magic this summer season. Although to be true i got this information from the ongoing Wills Fashion Week, but hi i think its ok.

So girls stay tuned to my blog, for more updates on the summer fashion. Till then be stylish and carry your best attitude.